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Come and discover more than 200 unique pieces and memorabilia from 1935 till 1999 all exclusively from Rossi di Albizzate, a brand that has given its large contribution to furniture design.
Follow the soft long-lasting line where history melts with design, along 80 year of producing and selling forniture all over the world.


Armchairs and sofas: an atypical business compared to the context

In 1923 Felice Rossi soon joined by his younger brother Giuseppe, starts a family activity for the production and trade of mattresses, upholstery and harness.

Giuseppe in particular, studies, designs, builds and refines mechanisms that lead to the creation of dynamic models based on convertibility. That’s how the “Confortevole” sofa bed was born, in 1939: the chair that becomes bed, the bed that becomes chair.
This is the beginning of a long series of inventions and patents, as well as the realization of a corporate philosophy: create good things, useful and long-lasting.

In 1946 it’s time for the sofa bed named “Pullman” and in 1949 “Gardone” the living room set, both have become the subject of illustrations by the artist Silvio Zanella.
Exhibited at the Milan Trade Fair, the “spaces” created by Giuseppe Rossi and Maria Saporiti have experiencing considerable success, especially for having met the modern demands of common usability.

In 1951, the company and the family moved to Albizzate where still stands the new factory and, a few years later, began the important and almost twenty-year collaboration with the architect Giampiero Vitelli.

Emblem of the success achieved is the showcase built in 1958 by the Milan-Varese highway: a sort of large glass and metal aquarium that lights up at night and in which are floating beds, sofas, armchairs, so the italian’s dreams.

1960 - 1969

Innovation, design and internationalization

The Rossi are those who founded the “Salone Internazionale del Mobile” in 1961; Luigi Rossi, the eldest son of Giuseppe and Maria, had been leading it for several years, He nowadays still works and directs the Company together with his younger brother Pietro.

In these years began an interaction between entrepreneur, artisans, designers and architects, often internationally renowned.

In 1964, the Company starts a division for the production of the “Rofoam”, an own patent of polyurethane foam, which replaces the foam rubber, ensuring a higher softness and durability.


New strengths: tailoring and modularity

In the seventies begins the era of the modular technology that allows you to create seating systems and accessories characterized by a great flexibility of use.

The Rossi di Albizzate’s creations are exposed to international trade fairs such as Cologne (1970) Paris (1971), Eurodomus in Turin and “Triennale” in Milan.

1972 was the year of “Sit Sistem” a mix of chairs and desks for top manager offices, projected and design by Hans Von Klier.
In the mid-70s was inaugurated in downtown Milan the Company showroom followed by another one in Rome.

In this period there is another important change: an exclusive agreement with Redwal for the use of special coating skins, created by the fashion stylist Borbonese.

It lengthens the list of architects and artists who collaborate with the Rossi’s: Luciano Consigli, Alain Carre, Dario Rossi, Claudio Salocchi, Lucio Del Pezzo, Grazia Billio, just to mention a few.

The fame of Rossi di Albizzate has now reached its peak, with a widespread international presence.


The beautiful, useful and fun

In the early nineties the company is run by the two brothers Luigi and Piero. The second generation gives new life to the models: a softer, curved and colorful drawing.
One example of this new trend is the “Supersassi” collection, born in 2000 in collaboration with Matteo Thun; a set of oval chairs in different colors, freely configurable and looking decidedly playful.
At the same time, the Rossi brothers reinforce seating systems covered in leather, such as those of the Borbonese line.

In 2006 is time for a particularly challenging purpose: a large modular sofa system, with 750 750 seats capacity, for the Costa Crociere Company at the Barcelona terminal.

In 2010 starts the project to create a Museum in the historical Company headquarter and plant in Albizzate, that collects the history and products of the Rossi di Albizzate.
It is a way to represent and share the evolution of the identity of a company always atypical compared to the context.

Now, in 2015, the Company Museum of Rossi di Albizzate is finally completed and open to everybody in correspondence of the 80th anniversary of the foundation.

Architects, designers and artists that have created for Rossi di Albizzate exclusive project designed to last in time, compendium of creative shapes since 1935.

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